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At AZUD, sustainability and innovation go hand in hand.

Our business is aligned with sustainability. We innovate for the efficient use of natural resources through Water Culture.

Committed to the environment, the well-being of our people and generating a positive impact on society.

Sustainability is part of our corporate values.

Therefore, we aspire to be leaders in the creation of new solutions for sustainable development in industries, municipalities and the humanitarian sector. But also in continuing to improve our internal processes so that they are increasingly responsible and ethical and generate a positive impact on our environment and society.

Sustainability begins at home. How do we act on environmental, social and governance issues?

Responsible manufacturing

We work to reduce our carbon footprint through an emissions reduction plan. In this way, thanks to the implementation of improvements in our facilities and production processes, we reduce waste, ensure greater energy efficiency and minimize the environmental impact of the organization.

We are part of the worldwide Operation Clean Sweep (OCS) program to achieve zero losses in all operations where plastics are handled. In doing so, we contribute to protect the environment and prevent pollution of the natural environment, waterways and oceans.

Expertos en tecnología de riego - Azud

Respectful technology

We develop technologies that care for the environment. Our wide range of products and solutions are focused on the same objective: to optimize the consumption of water, energy and nutrients.

AZUD’s solutions make it possible to achieve these objectives through innovative technology:

  • Protect watersheds.
  • Reuse process water.
  • Explore alternative water sources.
  • To supply drinking water to isolated populations.
  • Reduce water consumption.
  • Achieve maximum precision in the application of water and nutrients.

Social impact

We want to improve the world and people’s lives. For this reason, we establish solid relationships with our surroundings and carry out social actions to generate a positive impact in the areas where we operate.

We also collaborate with various foundations, associations and NGOs in order to support the most vulnerable communities, reduce inequalities, create more local opportunities and a better working future.

Expertos en tecnología de riego - Azud

Minimize environmental impact

We combat climate change and are committed to the circular economy.

We prioritize actions that minimize our impact on the environment and we manage and control our production and activity according to criteria of savings, sustainability and efficiency.

We have one of the highest standards in environmental management: ISO 14001.

AZUD keeps up-to-date information on the organization’s environmental performance available to interested parties. This information may be requested through the communication channels provided.

We take care of people

Our people make up our large AZUD family around the world. That is why we have built a company where we prioritize respect for human rights and equality, and where we value and encourage our team to grow.

  • We prioritize the health and safety of our employees and the continuous improvement of their working conditions.
  • We offer lifelong learning opportunities and an attractive and healthy work environment.
  • We are committed to diversity and equal opportunities through the implementation of our Equality Plan.
Expertos en tecnología de riego - Azud

Ethics and transparency

Ethics and compliance are essential to AZUD’s growth and performance, as the basis for our organization and growth. We want to provide you with the necessary means to learn first-hand about our integrity policy and to report any irregularities you may observe.

Information for suppliers and subcontractors

AZUD informs its Suppliers and Subcontractors about aspects and criteria to be taken into account, specifically:

  • Environmental awareness, pollution prevention and commitment to Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) will be taken into account as hiring criteria.
  • The requirements, specifications and controls demanded in purchased items are included in the Official Technical Data Sheets (FTO) provided by AZUD. For those purchases that do not require FTO, the controls to be performed will be:
    • Verification of references and quantities.
    • Visual inspections, tests or controls necessary to verify the technical specifications declared by the manufacturers.

Sustainability Report 2021

Download our Sustainability Report to learn more about our mission, strategy and performance in environmental, social and governance matters.

Our standards and certifications

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Turning water into a growth vector
and sustainability for humanity.