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AZUD Industrial

We are a division of AZUD, a global company founded in 1989, a leading manufacturer of water-efficient technologies.

We have been innovating for more than 30 years to increase the profitability and sustainability of agricultural and industrial activities, leading the Water Culture in more than 100 countries.

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What do we bring to you?

At AZUD we innovate to ensure that quality, savings and excellence are always the DNA of our products.


Innovation is part of our essence.
We innovate to offer advanced solutions that meet all needs. For more than 30 years we have been striving to offer more efficient and cost-effective solutions and integrated projects throughout the 5 continents.


At AZUD, the Culture of Water is the Culture of Efficiency.
Our mission is to add value through the efficient use of resources. Our solutions save water, but they are also energy efficient, have more autonomy, longer life and less maintenance. In short, less cost for your business and greater savings.


The best service is that it is not needed.
We are driven by customer satisfaction. Our international team of specialists offers technical assistance and advice to find the most efficient solution. In addition, we provide comprehensive support during the installation and maintenance of our solutions.


Opportunities and knowledge at your disposal.
At AZUD we have a wide ecosystem of collaborators and experts that make up the entire industrial value chain. This allows us to generate business opportunities and foster a network of knowledge and innovation, available to our customers.

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We bring our applications to the 5 continents. We promote Water Culture around the world.
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Turning water into a growth vector
and sustainability for humanity.